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3 Pack McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze Special Purchase!

3 Pack McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze <font color=red>Special Purchase!</font>

Clean and protect all types of wheels!

McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze is a cleaner and a polymer sealant that blocks out dirt and brake dust with a shiny protective coating. Cleaning agents remove dirt, brake dust, tar, sap, and bugs while improving fine scratches. McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze creates an anti-static finish that inhibits brake dust and keeps wheels cleaner.

Brake dust is the single most destructive contaminant that plagues your vehicle’s wheels. It contains carbon and an adhesive used in the manufacture of brake pads. Add red hot metal shavings to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for corrosion.

McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze removes brake dust residue and reduces the appearance of scratches and pitting by lifting out contamination. McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze contains no abrasives. Your wheels are safe with McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze.

Glossy, temperature-resistant polymers bond to the wheel to block out contamination. McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze blocks out the sun, sand, salt, snow, acid rain, industrial pollution, tar, and – the worst culprit of all – brake dust. The wheel surface will be so slick that brake dust will be unable to stick. Your wheels will remain clean longer, even in adverse conditions. McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze resists high heat, humidity and extreme cold.

McKee's 37 products have been researched and tested in humid South Florida. In these hot and often wet conditions, we found that McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze does not evaporate prematurely or weaken. It continues to keep your wheels clean, shiny, and protected from the threat of corrosion.

Wheel Glaze is easy to apply

It cleans and enhances wheels

Plus it wipes off without any effort
Professionals will love the easy on, easy off application of McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze. Drivers will love how clean their wheels look days after application. This durable wheel protectant can save you the cost of refinishing or replacing your wheels, especially if you have an import that is prone to brake dust. Regular use of McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze can save your wheels!


  1. McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze should be applied to cool wheels out of direct sunlight.
  2. Clean the wheel surface with McKee's 37 Foaming Wheel Cleaner Gel. Rinse and dry completely.
  3. Use a terry cloth or polyfoam applicator to apply Wheel Glaze to wheel surface. Spread a thin, even coat.
  4. Allow the glaze to haze over. Buff to a shine with a Cobra Microfiber Towel, turning often to a clean side.
  5. Mist the wheel with water and buff once again for the best results.
  6. Reapply Wheel Glaze weekly to maintain the clean, shiny finish. After the initial application, you will only need to clean your wheels with McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze.

8 oz.

My online shopping experience with AutoGeek was most EXCELLENT!! Definitely one of the best online retailers!
J. Vargas, Austin, TX

3 Pack McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze Special Purchase!
Item #: MK37-710-3
Our Price: $60.00
Sale price: $20.00 - You Save $40.00 (67%)
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Product Reviews

3 Pack McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze Special Purchase!$20.00
4.5 stars based on 3 reivews 
Gary Brown Las Vegas
May 3, 2018
I would recommend to a friend
Perfect 5 Excellent results. I applied the coating to a customers wheels and after 4 washings, it still beads and removing the old brake dust and dirt was really quick and easy.
Pros:Last after numerous washings
Cons:If applied lightly, none. If you apply it too thick, it's a pain to remove.
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Larry Harrington Schulenburg, Texas
September 11, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
McKee's 37 Wheel Glaze 4 Just used today and the product was easy to use and left good results.
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Joe Justice
May 10, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
Wheel Glaze 5 Nothing makes wheels look better than Wheel Glaze, It provides a glossy finish and leaves them slick to the touch. It protects, and shines your wheels for easy wash maintenance.
Pros:Easy ON/Off, Little Goes A long Way, Smells Good, Makes Wheels Shine
0 of 0 found this review helpful

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