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Total Glass Care Kit - By Wayne Carini

Fastest Way To Wax Your Car - By Wayne Carini

Total Glass Care Kit - By Wayne Carini

Last fall I flew down to Florida to spend a few days with Bob and the team. While I canít say the frigid cold weather in Connecticut bothers me much these days, it was nice to feel a warm Florida breeze (although the humidity was a bit much). One of the reasons for my trip to McKeeís 37 Headquarters was to spend a day filming television commercials with resident Surface-Enhancement Expert and Managing Partner, Nick Rutter. These commercials will be airing all throughout 2019 on the 23rd season of My Classic Car with Dennis Gage, so donít miss them! Anyway, like any other visit with Bob and Nick, I learned something new. This time Nick brought me up to speed on something I thought I already had down pat, and thatís glass care.

Iíve bought, sold, and restored thousands of cars over the years. I thought I knew everything there was to know about cleaning glass, but boy was I wrong! The featured kit for one of the commercials we filmed, the Total Glass Care Kit, is a four-part system for the inside AND outside of your vehicleís glass surfaces. Four parts? Sheesh. I remember when I used to clean windshields with newspapers. Iíll admit that Nick piqued my interest when he explained each component of the Total Glass Care Kit. Hereís what I learned:

1. Not all glass cleaners are created equal. Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner works incredibly well. I love the fact that it doesnít smell. Spray it on and buff it off to a streak free shine. My guys back at the shop are going to love it.

2. If the glass cleaner isnít working as well as you think it should on the outside glass, itís probably because the windshield has a film of some sort on it. That could include water spots and paint over spray. Thatís where High-Performance Glass Restorer saves the day. This creamy lotion contains abrasives and citrus agents that polish away contaminants that a spray on cleaner cannot remove. Brilliant!

3. 2020 Cockpit Glass Cleaner is arguably the most impressive component of this kit, and I loved hearing Nickís story of how he developed the product because his Subaru had an awful film on the interior back window that nothing would touch. This creamy lotion forms a bond to stubborn contaminants on inside glass, like smokerís film and vinyl fog, and simply lifts it from the glass as you wipe away. Itís unlike any other product on the market.

4. Once you clean and polish the outside glass, I learned itís best to then apply a Glass Coating. Think of this product as RainX on steroids. Instead of depositing an oily film that causes water to bead up, Glass Coating becomes a functional part of the glass by filling in the pits, pores, and valleys. This in turn makes it perfectly smooth so water flies right off at speed. Iím especially excited to see how well this works at preventing ice and snow from sticking to my windshield during the winter in Connecticut.

5. The applicators and towels play a huge roll! Nick carefully selects the best applicator and towel to use with each product, taking the guesswork out of what to apply each product with.

6. The Total Glass Care Kit is a fantastic value. You save a lot of money when you purchase a kit from

Nick and Bob have told me repeatedly that McKeeís 37 is a PROBLEM-SOLVING COMPANY. The Total Glass Care Kit is the quintessential example of that philosophy.

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