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Fastest Way To Wax Your Car - By Wayne Carini

Fastest Way To Wax Your Car - By Wayne Carini

I’ve been chasing Classic Cars for decades, and in that time car wax has evolved from caveman technology to state-of-art paint sealants that last months, not days or weeks. Long gone are the days where I would buff off scratches with baking soda to fill imperfections, or wrestle with a can of Lustre Seal. Ha! Those were the days. Considering how important the condition of a vehicle’s paint, it’s no surprise that I became involved with Bob McKee and Nick Rutter as a partner in McKee’s 37 waxes, compounds, and coatings. This is a complete line of world-class car care products that won’t break the bank. These two guys stay on the cutting edge of surface care enhancement products.

10 Minute Paint Sealant

One of my first sources of income was waxing dad’s daily driver. It used to take all day – literally. Now I find myself applying a high-grade paint sealant in 10 minutes or less (pun intended) with a McKee’s product that’s aptly named, 10 Minute Paint Sealant. When Nick first introduced this technology at my shop F40 Motorsports, I couldn’t believe it. I mean I really couldn’t believe it. Since I met Nick a couple years ago, I’ve learned he’s quite the jokester, so I assumed he was trying to pull a fast one on me with this wipe on, walk away “secret sauce” as he described it. Nope, not a joke. McKee’s 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant really is, well, a 10 minute paint sealant. There’s simply no easier way to protect and enhance a vehicle’s finish. My guys use it on practically every car in the showroom at F40 Motorsports. I could have saved myself a day’s work waxing dad’s car if I had this 40 years ago!

-Wayne Carini

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