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Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads

Waffle pads are back and better than ever!

McKee's 37 Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads, part of the our Redline Foam Pad System, offer a unique approach to paint polishing. Developed with leading buffing pad manufacturer Lake Country Manufacturing, Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads promise to deliver superior cutting and finishing abilities along with a robust foam composition built to last the long haul. The waffle design offers many benefits over traditional flat pads, including but not limited to:

Cooler Operating Temperature - Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads operate at a significantly lower temperature compared to traditional flat pads. The reasoning is simple: the waffle face of the pad allows air flow to pass through, even during extended polishing sessions. Heat is the enemy of paint polishing in the same way that it's the enemy to high-performance engines - it robs performance! By running cooler, Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads last upwards of twice as long as conventional flat pads. Due to the lower heat built up during the polishing process, your polishes and compounds will be easier to remove as well.

Easier to Operate - Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads provide a smoother buffing experience, especially for beginners. The waffle design helps reduce buffer hop, especially on a high speed rotary or circular polisher. You'll notice your polisher will not be as jerky with Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads.

More Consistent Pad Rotation - Pad rotation isn't an issue with rotary and circular polishers due to their direct-drive action, but for the majority of us non-professionals that use conventional dual action or random orbital polishers, maintaining pad rotation is critical. Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads reduce the amount of friction on the surface, allowing your dual action or random orbital polisher to be more efficient. Since less contact is being made on the surface, Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads are less likely to stall your polisher over raised body panels.

Like the traditional flat Redline Foam Buffing Pads, Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads offer several design benefits as well, including the over-sized 5.75 inch face and 35 degree beveled edge. 5.75 inch Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads are designed to be use with a 5 inch hook and loop backing plate.

McKee's 37 Cool Wave Waffle Foam Buffing Pads consists of 4 colors:

White - The white pad is dense and firm. Use this pad with an aggressive compound to remove serious paint defects such as sanding scratches, deep scratches, oxidation, and weathered paint.

Blue - The blue pad offers excellent versatility. Use this pad with a polishing compound or medium grade polish depending on the level of polishing action you want to achieve. It will remove severe compounding haze, deep swirl marks, and weathered paint.

Orange - The orange pad has a less dense foam formula for the application of cleaner waxes and light polishes. This pad has very light cutting power so itís perfect for the removal of light defects and micro marring.

Black - Use the black pad with medium grade polish to remove light swirl marks and light compounding haze. Use this pad with a finishing polish to create a high-gloss, swirl-free shine. The black pad can also be used to a apply a wax or sealant.

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