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McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant FREE Applicator!

McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant <font color=red>FREE Applicator!</font>
Wipe On, Walk Away

I’m proud to say that 10 Minute Paint Sealant was born purely out of customer demand. You asked for it, and we delivered. I was torn on the decision to introduce a wipe on, walk away type sealant that doesn’t require the intimacy required to apply, say, our liquid High-Def Paint Sealant or our hand-poured Trademark Carnauba Paste Wax, but I’m glad I did. 10 Minute Paint Sealant is a break-through in modern chemistry, a true work of art. Wipe on, walk away? No rubbing or buffing? Sio2 Enhanced? Maybe I could get used to this new-school way of waxing after all. Enjoy.

  • Wipe On, Walk Away Sealant
  • Sio2 Enhanced
  • 6 Month Exterior Protectant
  • High Gloss, Slick Finish

    10 Minute Paint Sealant is a clear-polymer that is applied unlike any traditional paste or liquid wax. Instead of applying with an applicator, waiting for it to haze over, and buffing off (what I describe as therapy), 10 Minute Paint Sealant falls into the category of wipe on, walk away sealants, meaning you simply spray it onto the surface, spread it out (side to side, then up and down) then – get this – walk away. No rubbing. No buffing. Oh, and you can apply 10 Minute Paint Sealant to all exterior surfaces including paint, glass, wheels, chrome, and smooth plastic trim.

    10 Minute Paint Sealant can be used as a stand-alone protectant, or as a topper for any of our waxes, sealants, or my personal favorite – our Paint Coating. The polymer coating forms a high-gloss blanket of protection, one that produces relentless water beading, month after month. Only one mist of sealant is required to completely coat an entire panel (hood = 2 panels), making it one of the best values in car care. How far does one 8 oz. bottle go? 40 applications, at least. I dare you to try to find a better value.

    McKee’s 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant is such a polymer-rich formula that it can be applied to wet surfaces too (drying aid). After you wash the vehicle, while it’s still wet, spray one panel at a time as you dry the surface using a soft microfiber towel.

    10 Minute Paint Sealant will keep your paint glistening, your wheels cleaner in between washes, and your glass hydrophobic to repel rain during inclement weather. I describe 10 Minute Paint Sealant as magic in a bottle.

    You’re going to love it. - Nick Rutter

    10 Minute Paint Sealant

    Working ONE panel at a time (Hood = 2 Panels), spray ONE mist of sealant directly onto the surface. Evenly distribute the sealant using a microfiber applicator pad. Maintain the gloss and protection using McKee’s 37 Sio2 Auto Wash and Trademark Extender Spray Wax. Excess sealant is easily removed using a clean microfiber towel.

    8 oz.

  • McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant FREE Applicator!
    Item #: MK37-280
    Our Price: $29.99, 2/$49.99
    Availability: Usually ships the same business day
    McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant KitMcKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant Kit
    Our Price:$91.93Sale Price:$59.99

    Product Reviews

    McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant FREE Applicator!$29.99
    5 stars based on 5 reivews 
    Chris Longino Shelbyville, KY
    June 22, 2019
    I would recommend to a friend
    My favorite paint sealant hands down! 5 I've used tons of paint sealants and waxes over the years personally and professionally. 10min paint sealant has quickly become one of my favorites to use. It is super easy to apply, looks great, and has really good durability.
    Pros:Easy to apply and lasts up to 6 months
    Cons:None unless you really enjoy applying wax by hand
    0 of 0 found this review helpful
    Terry Flesch
    April 9, 2019
    I would recommend to a friend
    Adds Shine on top of shine! 5 I use this as a maintenance sealer on top of the ceramic coating and in between Sio Blue treatments. Really adds to the shine and hydrophobic qualities of the other products.
    Pros:Easy to apply, works great and doesn't take a lot of product to treat a vehicle.
    0 of 0 found this review helpful
    Scott Hibbard NJ
    August 27, 2018
    I would recommend to a friend
    One of McKees Best 5 Used as directed, this is one of McKees best products yet! Do not use more than directed, as you simply do not need it. One spray spreads very easily and evenly over half of a hood or entire door panel. Gloss is amazing and paint is extremely slick feels like the car was just SIO2 coated. Some products are maintenance products and provide what I call "carryover" protection between washes. Some products provide REAL protection and this is one of them. Oh, water beading made in Heaven!!! Makes subsequent car washes so easy.
    Pros:Ease of use, gloss and an entire 8 oz bottle could conceivably be used on 20 cars.
    0 of 0 found this review helpful
    Gerard Watts
    May 31, 2018
    I would recommend to a friend
    mckee's 37 10 minute paint sealant 4 The 10 Minute Paint Sealant is Excellent! It went on easy and the results are outstanding.
    Pros:Fast, Easy, and the results are great.
    Cons:The bottles spray nozzle leaks. I had to keep wiping the bottle after each pump.
    0 of 0 found this review helpful
    Jaret Miami
    May 9, 2018
    I would recommend to a friend
    Super Easy 5 This product is super easy to apply. Spray on, spread out, walk away. If there is any residue left, it wipes away with no effort. Nice water beading and can be reapplied over itself with no issues.
    Pros:Super easy to use
    Cons:has minimal scent but it could have smelled good.
    0 of 0 found this review helpful

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