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McKee's 37 System 3000D Deluxe Pad Washer Free Bonus!

McKee's 37 System 3000D Deluxe Pad Washer

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For a limited time receive a FREE jar of McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. Retail value of $24.99!

Keep your pads looking, feeling, and performing like new!

The McKee's 37 System 3000D Deluxe Pad Washer, by Lake Country Manufacturing out of Wisconsin, is a high-tech solution for cleaning your foam, wool, and microfiber buffing pads. By cleaning your buffing pads after each section, you extend the life while producing better results on the surface you're machine polishing. The System 3000D Deluxe Pad Washer is designed to be used with a dual action or rotary polisher equipped with a foam, wool, or microfiber buffing pad. Cleaning your buffing pad takes less than 30 seconds!

Tiny amounts of clear coat are removed every time you compound or polish your vehicle. Clear coat is, for the most part, paint without any color pigment. As its removed during the polishing process, it gums up your buffing pad, reducing the mechanical cutting ability of the pad. The clear coat that's removed, combined with the spent polish and compound residue, can actually scratch or mar your vehicle's delicate clear coat finish. Cleaning your buffing pad after each section with the System 3000D Deluxe Pad Washer not only extends the life of your buffing pad, it produces superior results as well! The cleaner the pad, the better quality the finish produced!

Choose from three operating modes for different cleaning levels:

Standard remove the catch basin and use full pail until cleaning solution needs to be replaced.

Captured the catch basin retains the dirty solution with out the use of a filter. Simply fill the pail to the bottom of the catch basin (1.6 gallons), close the drains on the basin, then discard the dirty solution when the basin is full.

Filtered The cleaning solution is continuously recycled through a replaceable 10 micron filter at the bottom of the catch basin. The filtered cleaning solution drains to the bottom of the pail for repeated cleanings.

The System 3000D Deluxe Pad Washer is manufactured by Lake Country Manufacturing, the number one buffing pad manufacturer in the world! We're proud to partner with them for the System 3000D Deluxe Pad Washer.

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