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Nautical One Mildew Shield for Vinyl

Nautical One Mildew Shield for Vinyl

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Long lasting protection for vinyl surfaces

Formulated as an all-in-one sealant for vinyl seat cushions, Nautical One Mildew Shield For Vinyl provides long-lasting UV protection that helps resist cracking and fading. This water-based protectant does not leave the surface slick, and it will not wash off when wet. Treated surfaces will look and feel new!

Your best line of defense against mold and mildew, something all boaters experience, is Nautical One Xtreme Mildew Remover followed by Mildew Shield for Vinyl. This one-two punch removes mildew and helps prevent it from coming back. Vinyl seat cushions will have a like-new finish that's not slick or slippery. What's more, Mildew Shield provides protection against UV rays and salt stains.

22 oz.