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SiO2 Rinseless Wash

SiO2 Rinseless Wash

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Hyper-concentrated formula cleans, shines, and protects your vehicle!

SiO2 Rinseless Wash is a 3-in-1 cleaner, waterless wash, and detail spray that combines lubricious polymers with state-of-the-art SiO2 Ceramic Particles. When used for its primary application as a rinseless wash, this high-lubricity formula allows you to safely wash your vehicle with only a bucket filled with three gallons of water no hose required! SiO2 Rinseless Wash can also be diluted for use as a spray-and-wipe waterless wash or detail spray. Vehicles that are cleaned using SiO2 Rinseless Wash will be clean, glossy, and well-protected in any environment. SiO2 Rinseless Wash is safe for all exterior surfaces.

Shake well. Do not apply to a hot surface. Rinseless Wash: Dilute 1 ounce of concentrate for every 3 gallons of water. Soak a wash sponge or mitt in the solution. Wash the vehicle one panel at a time, then immediately dry the surface using an M-Line microfiber towel. Repeat this process panel-by-panel until the entire vehicle has been cleaned. There is no need to rinse! Waterless Wash/Detail Spray: Dilute ounce of concentrate for every 22 ounces of water. Working one panel at a time, spray a liberal amount of product directly onto the surface. Wipe clean using a clean, dry M-Line microfiber towel. Repeat this process panel-by-panel until the entire vehicle has been cleaned.

32 oz.

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Scuba Steve NY/NJ
May 18, 2020
I would recommend to a friend
SIO2 Rinseless Wash | Amazing Product!! Ive been using McKees products for my cars for over a year now. Came across them reading about ceramic alternatives and found one of the best products Ive used - Hydro Blue.

This SIO2 Rinseless wash is amazing and is an insane value. Here are my initial thoughts:

Scent - insane. Smells like sweet berries mixed with bubble gum. Reminds me of Bubblicious Gum...

Mixability - used this for a waterless wash. Mixed easy, as expected.

Application - zero streaks with a mirror finish. Total gloss and silky smooth to the touch.

Longevity- TBD but if this follows other products by McKees, I wont be disappointed.

Value - value, value, value! I almost bought a competitors SIO2 Detailer in a 32oz container for around . Here you get 32oz for around -40 but its concentrated. You can make the equivalent of the bottle 44 times over for a little more than half the cost PLUS you can use it as a rinseless, quick detail spray and who knows what else.

Well worth the price in my opinion. Shipping to New Jersey was very fast as well.
Pros:Value, ease of use, versatility, protection, scent, etc.
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