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SiO2 Ceramic Paint Sealant

SiO2 Ceramic Paint Sealant

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Long-lasting ceramic paint sealant bridges the gap between waxes and ceramic coatings

McKee’s 37 SiO2 Ceramic Paint Sealant blankets your vehicle’s paintwork with a glossy, vibrant shine that lasts up to one year. Formulated to be easy to apply and remove, SiO2 Ceramic Paint Sealant forms a durable, protective coating that produces relentless water beading month after month. SiO2 Ceramic Paint Sealant will protect your vehicle’s paintwork against the damaging effects of UV rays, environmental pollutants, bird droppings, and airborne contaminants. Vehicle’s that are coated with SiO2 Ceramic Paint Sealant will be easier to wash and maintain because dirt and road grime will not stick to the surface.

Shake well. Do not apply to a hot surface. Apply to a vehicle that is clean, dry, and has recently been clayed. Apply a small dollop of sealant directly onto a foam applicator pad or Redline Foam Buffing Pad. Coat the entire vehicle and allow the sealant to haze for 30-40 minutes. Using a clean, dry M-Line microfiber towel, buff off the sealant to reveal a dazzling, 3-dimensional shine. Maintain the gloss and slickness using McKee’s 37 Ceramic Auto Wash and Hydro Blue PRO.