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SCS - Spray, Clay, Seal

SCS - Spray, Clay, Seal

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One-step solution to claying and sealing!

McKee’s 37 SCS, short for Spray Clay Seal, is an all-in-one cleaner, lubricant, and ceramic sealant designed to simplify the detailing process. Formulated to be used in conjunction with a traditional clay bar or clay alternative, SCS provides a slick layer of lubrication that aids the decontamination process, allowing your clay bar or clay alternative to glide freely without scratching. The built-in ceramic sealant seals the surface as you buff it off, providing long-lasting protection. SCS was formulated with the time-conscious professional detailer in mind. SCS allows you to clean and seal your vehicle in minutes! Use SCS on paint, glass, wheels, and chrome.

Shake well. Do not apply to a hot surface. Apply to a vehicle that is clean and dry. Working one panel at a time, spray a generous amount of SCS directly onto the surface. Then, rub your clay bar across the surface using a fast hand motion. Spray more SCS onto the surface as needed. Once the clay bar glides freely, buff off excess residue using an M-Line microfiber towel.

22 oz.

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