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Carini Collection 392 Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Carini Collection 392 Wheel & Tire Cleaner

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An all-in-one formula for wheels and tires!

McKee’s Wheel & Tire Cleaner 392 simplifies the detailing process by combining a wheel and tire cleaner into one safe, effective formula that is approved for all OEM finishes. This powerful formula wets the wheel and tire with non-ionic surfactants that emulsify grease, grime, and brake dust particles so they can be safely washed away, leaving your wheels sparkling clean. McKee’s 392 is a non-acid formula that relies in advanced chemistry instead of inexpensive butyl ethers and other caustic ingredients. McKee’s 392 will also remove browning and previously applied silicone tire dressings, leaving your tires with a rich black appearance.

Do not clean wheels that are hot to the touch! Blast the wheel and tire with a strong jet of water to remove loose dirt and debris. Working one wheel at a time, spray a liberal amount of 392 directly onto the surface and allow 2-3 minutes for the cleaner to penetrate and emulsify grease and grime. Use the appropriate wheel/tire brush to remove stubborn brake dust particles. Thoroughly rinse wheel/tire with a strong jet of water. Dry wheel/tire using a soft chamois or car dryer.

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