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McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant, 4 oz. Updated Formula

McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant, 4 oz. <font color=red>Updated Formula</font>
High-Gloss, Low-Effort Synthetic Paint Sealant

McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant is a creamy synthetic polymer formula that guards your vehicle's paintwork against the damaging effects of UV rays, road salt, bug splatter, water spots, acid rain, and environmental pollution while enhancing the depth and gloss. High Definition polymers form a catalytic bond to painted surfaces to provide long lasting protection, even during harsh winter weather where low temperatures and corrosive road salt are constantly trying to wreak havoc on your vehicle's delicate finish. Your vehicle's paint will have mile-deep reflections after using McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant.

  • Non-Abrasive
  • Creamy Formula
  • Silicone Free
  • Water-Based
  • Clear Coat Safe

    Synthetic paint sealants have been the choice of professionals because they provide unmatched paint protection, gloss and slickness. Until recent advancements in surface enhancement technology, such sealants were not readily available to the public because they required special training to properly apply. McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant is a breakthrough in polymer technology because it offers professional-grade paint protection that anyone can apply in the comfort of their garage. High Def Paint Sealant is a high gloss, low-effort synthetic paint sealant that delivers professional results.

    High Def Paint Sealant is a high gloss, low effort formula
    Creamy formula applies without any effort

    Paint sealants offer an advantage over carnauba waxes because they have a much higher melting point, and can withstand high-pH detergents and road salt. McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant features High Definition Polymer Technology that amplifies your vehicle's clear coat without muting the underlying color coat. The result? Your vehicle's paint will exhibit the deep, warm glow of a carnauba wax without the drawbacks. McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant is the only synthetic paint sealant you need!

    High Def Paint Sealant is a high gloss, low effort formula
    Just a few drops of sealant is enough to coat a midsize family sedan

    McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant was formulated in South Florida, so there's no issue applying it in a hot, humid climate. A little bit goes a long way, which means one 16-ounce bottle will seal up to 15 full size family sedans! Just a couple dabs on a foam applicator pad is all you need to completely coat your entire vehicle with protection that can withstand any climate. And the removal? It's effortless. Once it dries to a haze (10-15 minutes), one swipe of the towel is all you need to buff off High Def Paint Sealant. The finish left behind is best described as incredible. It's extremely slick feeling, too!

    McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant can be applied by hand using a soft foam applicator pad, or by machine using a soft foam waxing pad. After you apply High Def Paint Sealant, allow it to dry to a haze for 10-15 minutes before buffing it off. Once the entire vehicle has been sealed, avoid exposure to moisture for 6 hours while the sealant cures.

    High Def Paint Sealant is a high gloss, low effort formula
    High-Def Paint Sealant is a High Gloss, Low Effort Formula that is truly effortless to remove
    Apply By Machine Use a Soft Foam Finishing Pad
    High Def Paint Sealant can also be applied using a dual action polisher equipped with a soft foam finishing pad

    Take Bob McKee's word for it. Over the course of the last thirty years, Bob has developed thousands of products for the world's most prestigious brands. High Def Paint Sealant is so good, he put his name on it!

    4 oz.

  • McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant, 4 oz. Updated Formula
    Item #: MK37-652
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    Product Reviews

    McKee's 37 High Def Paint Sealant, 4 oz. Updated Formula$10.99
    4 stars based on 1 reivew 
    Kirby Thomson Houston
    October 28, 2018
    I would recommend to a friend
    A surprise in every bottle 4 Applied this per instructions on a dark blue Ram truck on tailgate. Just put down a very thin layer but had to run errands. Bottle says to leave as haze for at least 15-minutes or longer for a more slick surface. Wow came back 2-hours later hardly see it but buffed off easily. Yes it was slick and looks great so did hood next and same results. Next order will be for more of this stuff but have plenty more left in 4-oz trial size to do a few more cars.
    Pros:Easy buff
    Dries down for a slick surface coat
    Cons:None seen yet
    0 of 0 found this review helpful

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