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A message from Bob McKee, owner and founder of McKee’s 37 Marine & RV

I’m blessed. Plain and simple. Not only am I fortunate enough to call the sunshine state home, I’m the proud owner of a Newmar motor coach and a 21 foot Cobia center console. With my 30 plus years in the surface care enhancement industry, it was only natural to develop a product line tailored specifically for the unique cleaning requirements of boats and RVs.

I was surprised to discover that my latest undertaking would be so much work, and I was also surprised at just how much fun I would have developing the entire line, from the high-sudsing Carnauba Wash & Wax to the hugely capable All Purpose Surface Cleaner. I thought it would be a walk in the park, because there are a lot of marine and RV products on the market. It was my goal, or mission as my senior chemist likes to call it, to make my line of marine and RV products superior to anything else available. What my team and I developed is so good I decided to put my name on it. Enter McKee's 37 Marine & RV.

McKee's RV

McKee's 37 Marine & RV is great product line, and I know you'll feel the same. Our One-Step Polish & Sealant, boat oxidation cleaner, RV bug remover and, my favorite, Hydro Pearl Sio2 Coating, are the best that money can buy. I have personally tested each and every product on my Newmar motorcoach and my 21 foot Cobia center console, and once you do, you will agree McKee's 37 Marine & RV represents the best surface care enhancement has to offer.

It’s so good, I put my name on it.

Marine & RV 3 Pack <font color=red>Mix & Match</font>Marine & RV 3 Pack Mix & Match
Our Price:$74.97Sale Price:$49.99
Marine & RV 6 Pack <font color=red>Mix & Match!</font>Marine & RV 6 Pack Mix & Match!
Our Price:$149.94Sale Price:$79.99
Marine & RV Carnauba Wash & WaxMarine & RV Carnauba Wash & Wax
Our Price:$19.99Sale Price:$14.99
Marine & RV Repel Glass & Plastic CleanerMarine & RV Repel Glass & Plastic Cleaner
Our Price:$19.99Sale Price:$12.99, 2/$22.99
Marine & RV All Purpose Surface CleanerMarine & RV All Purpose Surface Cleaner
Our Price:$17.99Sale Price:$8.50
Mildew Remover ComboMildew Remover Combo
Our Price:$39.95Sale Price:$24.99
Mildew Remover KitMildew Remover Kit
Our Price:$68.93Sale Price:$39.99
Mildew Remover 150 oz. Refill KitMildew Remover 150 oz. Refill Kit
Our Price:$83.93Sale Price:$59.99
Marine & RV Safe Scrub Bug SpongeMarine & RV Safe Scrub Bug Sponge
Our Price:$9.99Sale Price:$7.99
Marine & RV Wash & Wax KitMarine & RV Wash & Wax Kit
Our Price:$90.93Sale Price:$59.99
Marine & RV New Owner’s Care KitMarine & RV New Owner’s Care Kit
Our Price:$156.87Sale Price:$79.99
Marine & RV 2-Step Gel Coat Polishing SystemMarine & RV 2-Step Gel Coat Polishing System
Our Price:$82.94Sale Price:$49.99
Marine & RV Fabric & Vinyl Care KitMarine & RV Fabric & Vinyl Care Kit
Our Price:$56.94Sale Price:$39.99
Marine & RV Vinyl Decal & Paint Care KitMarine & RV Vinyl Decal & Paint Care Kit
Our Price:$92.94Sale Price:$59.99
Marine & RV Vinyl Decal Essentials KitMarine & RV Vinyl Decal Essentials Kit
Our Price:$84.94Sale Price:$59.99
Marine & RV All Purpose Surface Cleaner, 128 oz.Marine & RV All Purpose Surface Cleaner, 128 oz.
Our Price:$39.99Sale Price:$29.99
Marine & RV Heavy Cut Oxidation Remover, 128 oz.Marine & RV Heavy Cut Oxidation Remover, 128 oz.
Our Price:$129.99Sale Price:$119.99
Marine & RV 5 Gallon Wash Bucket ComboMarine & RV 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo
Our Price:$39.99Sale Price:$34.99
Marine & RV Wash & Wax Essentials BucketMarine & RV Wash & Wax Essentials Bucket
Our Price:$135.99Sale Price:$99.99