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McKee’s 37 FAST Interior Detailer

McKee’s 37 FAST Interior Detailer
The 5 minute interior detailer!

I developed this product for one reason: date night. I’m fanatical about keeping my cars clean, inside and out. Every 2 or 3 months I perform what I call a deep interior cleaning, and that involves using (McKee’s 37) Total Interior Cleaner followed by Interior Surface Protectant. I found myself looking for something to use in between deep cleanings and to freshen up the interior for date night, so I came out with FAST Interior Detailer. To say it’s my favorite product with my name on it would be an understatement. I guarantee you will love FAST Interior Detailer as much as I do.

WARNING: FAST Interior Detailer is addicting. Excuse my candor, but I don’t think it’s fair to have you read any further without fair warning. Do yourself a favor and buy the gallon to start, because like me you’ll find yourself using this product every week. It’s that good, so stock up on it!

My goal with McKee’s 37 FAST Interior Detailer was to develop a non-viscous cleaner to remove light dust, finger prints, and smudges without altering the look of the material. My team went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations because not only does McKee’s 37 FAST Interior Detailer act as a quick detailer for your vehicle’s interior, but it also lays down a substantial barrier of UVA and UVB protection. These UV absorbers blanket all interior surfaces with a barrier of protection that resists UV-induced deterioration. Bingo!

McKee’s 37 FAST Interior Detailer is safe on leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic and LCD navigation screens. A quick spray and wipe is all you need to remove light dust that accumulates from day-to-day use. Your interior will look and feel as if you just spent hours cleaning it (that was my goal!). Oh, and the fragrance – it’s to die for. I guarantee your vehicle’s interior has NEVER smelled this good.

Use McKee's Fast Detailer on LCD screens and other dashboard electronics,
and on interior door sills for a clean and freshly detailed finish!

If you’re anything like me, or if you’ve read this far, you’re very particular about how your vehicle’s interior looks, feels, and smells. Keep it showroom new in 5 minutes or less every week with McKee’s 37 FAST Interior Detailer.

If you have leather seats, pair your McKee's 37 Fast Interior Detail with McKee's All in One Leather Lotion for a fresh and clean interior.

16 oz.

McKee’s 37 FAST Interior Detailer
Item #: MK37-520
Our Price: $17.99, 2/$32.99
Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Product Reviews

McKee’s 37 FAST Interior Detailer$17.99
5 stars based on 11 reivews 
Mark Cincinnati
September 23, 2019
I would recommend to a friend
Fast Interior Detailer 5 Impressed with the way it brings my interior back to looking new.
Pros:Like all of McKees products easy to use
Cons:No ne
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Tyler CA
June 9, 2019
I would recommend to a friend
Perfect OEM Finish 5 I bought this to quickly clean and protect my interior in between deeper cleanings. This stuff is terrific. It removes dust, fingerprints and light dirt on all of my interior surfaces while leaving a non-greasy film of protection. My favorite part is it does not alter the appearance of the material! The smell is pleasant as well. Fantastic product.
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Chelsea Longabaugh Lancaster, PA
July 14, 2018
I would recommend to a friend
My new favorite quick interior cleaner! 5 This stuff is the BEST smelling interior cleaner I've ever used. I actually have to stop myself from using it just to smell it as everything is already clean from using it! Works great, not oily and leaves no residue behind. Could top it with a uv dressing but right now I'm just enjoying the matte look and amazing smell!
Pros:Smell is amazing
Works great
Not oily
No residue
UV dressing without the gloss which makes it hard to see sometimes due to reflection on the glass so I prefer a matte finish
Cons:That I look like a weirdo smelling the rag
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Mark Naoles, FL
February 15, 2018
I would recommend to a friend
Outstanding Product 5 McKees 37 FAST Interior Detailer is the best product I have ever used for the leather interior of my truck. Cleans quickly and leave the interior smelling new. Another product from McKee's 37 that does what it says it will do.
Pros:Easy to use, really cleans and smells great
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Rui Li Seattle
January 23, 2018
I would recommend to a friend
It works! 5 It works pretty well. I used it for all interior surfaces.
Pros:Works as advertised
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Mark Naoles, FL
January 14, 2018
I would recommend to a friend
McKeey's Fast Interior Detailer 5 It really works as advertised. Leaves the leather looking great and it has a traffic fragrance to it, like a new car.
Pros:It works
Fair price
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Scott Hibbard NJ
November 28, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
An Interior's best friend 5 McKee's FAST Interior Detailer is an incredibly useful and effective product to maintain your interior. It is not for removal of heavy stains or dirt but rather used for interiors with less dirt but where maintenance is desired. The product does not streak and can be used on all interior surfaces except windows including touchscreens, accent trim, leather/vinyl seats, dashboards, steering wheels, doors etc. This is the perfect product to maintain your interior and with regular use you can avoid heavy cleaning altogether. Keep a few ounces in a small spray bottle in your glove box should you run into a situation where you have to clean the interior while on the road. It also smells amazing - probably McKee's best smelling product.
Pros:Can be used on any interior surface except glass. Smells amazing and does not streak or smear and does not leave behind any greasy look or feel.
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Joe Justice
May 10, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
Fast Interior Detailer 5 This product is a must have for anyone that cares about their car, I use this to maintain the finish and the biggest pro is that it can virtually be used on almost any surface. Smells great too!
Pros:Smells good, Versatile, Streak free
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Chris Missouri
April 9, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
You'll want to buy the gallon 5 I was impressed at how easy and how good this stuff is, spay on a mf towel and wipe, it leaves a nice matte finish and a clean scent, takes fingerprints off of touchscreen radio and leaves the dash and door panels looking brand new
Pros:Easy to use, no shiny greesy mess
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Eric G FL
April 7, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
Quick & looks great 5 All you need to do is spray your MF towel and wipe away the dust & dirt. Leaves a clean looking matte finish. Also cleaned the nav screen easily. Lifted all the finger prints off the door handles with ease. No smears, no uneven finish, just plain works! Darkens up plastics just a tad.
Pros:Quick & easy.
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Jaret Miami
April 6, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
It what is says it is! 5 The product name is as accurate of a description of a products use as there ever has been. This is the product to do a quick detail or wipe down of the interior. It has a very nice scent, leaves nothing behind, no residue or shine, freshens everything up. Not intended for heavy detailing, but more a quick dusting, finger print removing wipe down. It hits the bulls eye for what its intended to be used for.
Pros:smells great, leaves no residue, adds some protection
Cons:not intended for dirty surfaces or heavy cleaning / detailing
0 of 0 found this review helpful

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