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My Classic Car - Choosing The Best Car Wax

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On this episode of My Classic Car, Nick Rutter Surface Enhancement Expert at McKee's 37 walks you through the various waxes, paint sealants, and ceramic coatings that are currently available.

McKee's 37 Trademark Carnauba Paste WaxMcKee's 37 Trademark Carnauba Paste Wax
Our Price:$49.99, 2/$79.99Sale Price:$39.99
McKee's 37 Trademark Poli-Coat WaxMcKee's 37 Trademark Poli-Coat Wax
Our Price:$29.99Sale Price:$19.99
McKee's 37 Trademark Extender Spray WaxMcKee's 37 Trademark Extender Spray Wax
Our Price:$19.99Sale Price:$14.99, 2/$24.99
McKee's 37 Trademark Poli-Coat Liquid Wax KitMcKee's 37 Trademark Poli-Coat Liquid Wax Kit
Our Price:$121.89Sale Price:$79.99
McKee's 37 Carnauba CollectionMcKee's 37 Carnauba Collection
Our Price:$119.94Sale Price:$79.99
McKee's 37 Paint Coating Bundle <font color=red>Free Towel!</font>McKee's 37 Paint Coating Bundle Free Towel!
Our Price:$45.00Sale Price:$36.99
McKee's 37 Turbo Car DryerMcKee's 37 Turbo Car Dryer
Our Price:$199.99Sale Price:$149.99
McKee's 37 Power Wash Bucket Kit <font color=red>Mega Value!</font>McKee's 37 Power Wash Bucket Kit Mega Value!
Our Price:$89.96Sale Price:$45.00
McKee's 37 3-Pack Mix & MatchMcKee's 37 3-Pack Mix & Match
Our Price:$69.97Sale Price:$49.99
McKee's 37 6-Pack Mix & MatchMcKee's 37 6-Pack Mix & Match
Our Price:$119.94Sale Price:$79.99
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