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McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax Free Buffing Pad!

McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax <font color=red>Free Buffing Pad!</font>
For a limited time receive a FREE Redline Black Foam Finishing Pad with your purchase! Retail Value of $13.99!

Enhance your vehicle with a gentle, high gloss polish and genuine carnauba protection!

As detailers, we all want that flawless, show car shine, and now we can have it in less time. McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax is a sophisticated blend of gentle cleaners, micro abrasives and rich carnauba wax. The combination is scintillating on any paint finish. You will see depths and hues in your paint that you never knew existed. It’s your paint finish, amplified.

Vibrant. That comes just short of explaining the kind of shine we’re talking about. What makes the outcome of McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax so special is the simplicity of achieving it. Exceptional blending technology was used to combine a dynamic shine-enhancing finishing polish with the king of all natural waxes. The result is pure magic on any paint color.

A jeweling wax is unlike a finishing wax in the fact that finishing waxes do not contain abrasives. They may contain cleaners, like this one, but primarily they serve as pure protection for the paint.

Some detailers regard a finishing polish as an optional step and you can tell who they are by their vehicles. Don’t believe it. An exceptional wax, such as McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax, is essential to achieving the kind of head-turning shine we’re all after.

Try McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax as the finale of your compounding process or, if your paint is already in great shape, use it after washing. Applied with your dual action or rotary polisher, the gentle cleaners blend away minor flaws - like spider webbing, haziness, and overall dullness – to increase depth and clarity. At the same time, a layer of carnauba bonds to the paint surface to further enhance the dynamic shine created by the polish. What can’t be removed with the cleaners and micro abrasives is filled in with carnauba to create a smooth, flawless finish. It’s perfection and protection in one!

Jeweling Wax creates a deep gloss

Jeweling Wax creates a deep gloss

Jeweling Wax is easy to apply
Apply wax directly to foam waxing pad
Apply Jeweling Wax at speed 3 on a Porter Cable 7424xp
Set polisher to speed 3
Paint imperfections may require speed 4

McKee's 37 is dedicated to preserving your vehicle and the environment. McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax is VOC compliant, silicone-free, and clear coat safe.

Jeweling Wax creates a very high gloss finish
Work the wax over the surface for 3-4 passes
Apply McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax using a foam finishing pad. You only need approximately a quarter size amount per 2 ft. section. Work the wax in at a speed no greater than 5500 OPM on your DA polisher. When the wax begins to dry or disappear, turn the machine off. Buff off residues with a microfiber towel.

You can follow with more carnauba to increase the shine or call it a day. McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax is so effective; no one will ever know you obtained those results from a one step product.

Your paint will appear vibrant, glossy and silky smooth after an application of McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax. Think of it as a moisturizer for tired, lifeless paint. Bring back its energy and gloss in just one application.

8 oz.

McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax Free Buffing Pad!
Item #: MK37-850
Our Price: $24.99
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Product Reviews

McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax Free Buffing Pad!$24.99
5 stars based on 6 reivews 
Ron Wilner Aurora, Illinois
June 4, 2019
I would recommend to a friend
Jewel wax 5 Had to give the product a try. What a surprise! Using the buffing pad was able to buff out a neglected SUVs silver paint and add an amazing shine in one step. Great product! Im a true believer. Thanks Nick!
Pros:Easy of application. Polish and shine in one step.
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Scott Miller Indiana
May 26, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
jeweling wax 5 Great product. I put it on my sonic blue 04 mustang gt and it brought it back to life! Im still getting compliments. It filled in the swirls and the paint really popped!
Pros:Easy to use, does what is advertised
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Joe Justice
May 10, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
Jeweling Wax 5 Easy to use by hand or machine, Gives a rich reflective shine while leaving protection behind in 1 easy step. Easy to work and remove.
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Caleb Reagor
April 6, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
My favorite finishing polish 5 I absolutely love this product! Great to use a finishing polish, and leaves a super glossy, wet-looking, slick finish! I was, and still am, blown away at the ease of use, long working time, pleasant smell, and wonderful results!
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Gary Brown Las Vegas
April 6, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
Love this polish 5 My paint finish is in pretty good shape, but to bring out a better shine, I'll run a Jeweling Wax coat. Needless to say I'm impressed. I'll be buying more
Pros:Excellent shine.....Great product
0 of 0 found this review helpful
Robert Cooper Southern New Jersey
March 13, 2017
I would recommend to a friend
Worked Wonders 5 We had our ornamental pear trees trimmed and as a result, there became a bunch of airborne tree sap that landed on my car. After washing, I buffed my car pout with my FLEX 3401 with a Lake Country Hybrid white pad and the Jeweling Wax. While not an easy job, as this took about two and a half hours, the results were spectacular! The sap was gone and my Platinum Blue Mercedes sparkled!
Pros:Relatively easy to use. Inexpensive,as I had purchased on a BOGO.
Cons:Not as easy to remove as some waxes and sealants.
0 of 0 found this review helpful

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