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McKee's 37 4.0 HP Hurricane Car Dryer

McKee's 37 4.0 HP Hurricane Car Dryer
Rock you like a Hurricane!

The McKee's 37 4.0 HP Hurricane Car Dryer is one of the greatest products to ever bear the McKee's 37 name. This high-powered (4.0 peak horsepower twin fan motor!) blows air at a whopping 350 MPH....that's not a typo! Why do you need a powerful, made-in-USA car dryer blowing heated, filtered air at 350 MPH? To cut your drying time in half, that's why! The McKee's 37 4.0 HP Hurricane Car Dryer not only makes it easier to dry your vehicle, it helps preserve the appearance because you're not rubbing abrasive towels against your delicate clear coat finish. Genius!

Not all car dryers are created equal. Time and again I've received phone calls asking to compare my car dryer against chintzy plastic units made overseas. The old saying you get what you pay for certainly applies to my Hurricane Car Dryer. First and foremost, as I've stated previously, it's proudly manufactured in this GREAT country. The body is all-steel, with a beautiful powder-coated finish that's designed to last the long haul. Third, the Hurricane Car Dryer blows air that is both heated and filtered. You simply can't go wrong with my Hurricane Car Dryer!

If you've read this far, chances are the Hurricane Car Dryer has piqued your interest, as it should. You see, by avoiding drying towels altogether, you reduce the chance of inflicting swirl marks and scratches by as much as 90%. The McKee's 37 4.0 HP Hurricane Car Dryer is inexpensive insurance for keeping your vehicle looking pristine.

The McKee's 37 4.0 HP Hurricane Car Dryer features durable casters at all four corners. My preferred method is to mount it on the wall and set it and forget it. The unit includes an all-steel wall-mount bracket that anyone with a screw driver can mount. The included hoses measure 12 feet (2 x 6 foot), so you have plenty of reach for drying the roof on a taller vehicle. I've also included a couple attachments, notably a nozzle that's made of rubber to avoid inflicting damage in contact accidentally occurs.

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Made in USA

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McKee's 37 4.0 HP Hurricane Car Dryer
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McKee's 37 4.0 HP Hurricane Car Dryer$199.99
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