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McKee's 37 Headlight Coating

McKee's 37 Headlight Coating

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Solving an issue that plagues every vehicle on the road – faded headlights!

McKee’s 37 Headlight Coating is a nano-glass ceramic coating designed specifically for polycarbonate headlight and taillight lenses. This high-solids formula adds an extra film of clear coat over new or restored headlight lenses, leaving them crystal clear and well-protected for up to 3 years. Designed to prevent UV-induced fading and discoloring, applying McKee’s 37 Headlight Coating to a brand-new vehicle will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, over the course of ownership of the vehicle by preventing costly headlights from deteriorating.

Call up your local auto dealer to inquire about a replacement set of headlight lenses for your vehicle. Are you surprised that they told you a replacement headlight (just one!) is over $1,000? If your vehicle was manufactured in the 90s or early 2000s, before projector beams and LEDs became prevalent, you might get lucky with a replacement headlight lens costing only $500. McKee’s 37 Headlight Coating saves you TIME, MONEY, and FRUSTRATION by preventing headlight lenses from fading, discoloring, and yellowing in the first place – for a fraction of the cost of a replacement lens!

McKee’s 37 Headlight Coating is inexpensive insurance for providing a clear view of the road ahead. Cloudy, faded headlight lenses block the output of the actual headlight bulb by up to 90%, reducing visibility during nighttime driving, not to mention during inclement weather conditions such as ice, sleet, and snow. If your vehicle has headlights that are cloudy and yellow, RESTORE the clarity using McKee’s 37 All-In-One Headlight Restoring Polish, then COAT them using McKee’s 37 Headlight Coating. What are you waiting for?!

If you just purchased a brand-new car, truck, or SUV, the time to coat the headlights is NOW! Don’t wait until they begin to show signs of UV degradation; apply McKee’s 37 Headlight Coating to prevent that from happening in the first place!

Don’t stop at headlights! McKee’s 37 Headlight Coating also works to protect plastic-chrome and piano black exterior trim from UV-induced fading, etching from bug splatter, and swirl marks from improper washing.

McKee’s 37 Headlight Coating is a fantastic value. This one 4 oz. bottle is enough product to coat up to 50 headlights, making it especially appealing for professional detailers that upsell this service to customers.

Directions: If applicable, remove oxidation and yellowing by using McKee’s 37 All-In-One Headlight Restoring Polish. Then, wipe the lens down with McKee’s 37 N-914 Rinseless Wash diluted 1:8 (paint prep ratio). If working on a NEW vehicle, use McKee's 37 Coating Prep Polish in place of the aforementioned products.

Apply McKee’s 37 Headlight Coating directly onto a McKee’s 37 Coating Applicator. Evenly distribute the coating using a side to side and up and down hand motion. Immediately remove excess product using a clean, lint-free microfiber towel. Avoid exposing the headlight lens to water or moisture for 6 hours.

4 oz.

5 stars based on 4 reivews 
Mike New York
June 2, 2019
I would recommend to a friend
No more clear coat I have been using Headlight coating for over two years.
And this is my primary business . It works much better than
Optimum headlight coating. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is it does not last as three years advertised . It lasted about less than two on the jobs I checked .still much more durable than even even Duplicolor clear coat and more translucent than Optimum and better in price.
Thank you Mckey's37 .
And I am not being paid for this post. I just appreciate when company puts a good product that helps me with my business .
Pros:High translucency easy to apply
Cons:Last less than Two years, I hope they can improve the polymer for longer life.
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Carlos Salas Lafayette La
May 2, 2019
I would recommend to a friend
Locks in the restored clarity I restore headlights on a daily and have used other ceramic coatings but McKee's 37 headlight coating is by far the best for the price. works as promoted.
Pros:locks in the restored clarity to like new.
Cons:I made the mistake of purchasing 6 bottles at once 1 year supply A couple bottles gelled up most likely because I may have improperly stored them in my shops cabinet. recommend to purchase this product as you go.
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Doug Aurora, Illinois
August 5, 2018
I would recommend to a friend
Like everything else, excellent product. I restore a lot of headlights, and the final part of my process is a coating of McKee's Headlight Coating. Easy to apply, lasts a long time, and doesn't harden up in the bottle. Love this stuff.

Pros:Easy to use, plenty of product to make it a value for pros.
Cons:My only want would be a better dispenser bottle cap. I hate those little shampoo bottle caps M37 uses on the 2oz bottles.
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Mike New York
May 5, 2018
I would recommend to a friend
Ms Kees 37 headlight coating I used to apply McKees 37 paint coating 260 on headlights as a sealant after restoration and I was happy using it.
Now I purchased the 270 headlight coating hoping that it would last the Three years shelf life they claim .
Overall I love the product , I restore headlights for a living and McKees 270 makes them be as good as a new headlight.
Pros:Easy to apply, Looks like Glass
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