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Threaded Refill Funnels, 3 Pack

Threaded Refill Funnels, 3 Pack

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Refill your favorite chemical from a gallon container without making a mess!

If you purchase your favorite McKee's 37 detailing product by the gallon, you need these threaded refill funnels. Why? They save you money, that's why! By screwing the funnel onto your bottle, you eliminate accidental spills as you dispense from the gallon container. Threaded Refill Funnels securely attach to any standard bottle ranging from 4 ounces all the way up to 36 ounces and everything in between. Threaded Refill Funnels even have a built-in clip so you can attach to the handle on your gallon jug so you don't lose them!

3 Pack.