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McKee's 37 Chemical Resistant Sprayer, 6 Pack

McKee's 37 Chemical Resistant Sprayer, 6 Pack
The only sprayer worthy of the McKee name!

I love this sprayer. Plain and simple. It’s silly to think something as simple as a sprayer could enhance the process of cleaning your car, but it really does make a difference. The first time I used this high-output sprayer, I was in love. It fits perfectly in your hands, and the adjustable nozzle is buttery smooth. Whether you’re looking for a wide spray pattern to apply Hydro Blue, or a concentrated stream for Foaming Wheel Cleaner Gel, this high-output chemical resistant sprayer is tough enough to tackle any job.

How many times has a broken sprayer ruined your Saturday morning detailing regime? Too many times to count! If you’re the type of person that refills standard size bottles from a gallon container repeatedly, relying on the same sprayer for months or even years, then these bad boys are for you. Not only is the trigger handle itself up to the task, the o-ring and piston cup are constructed out of chemical resistant viton, a costly material you won’t find in lesser sprayers. This makes my Chemical Resistant Sprayers last the long haul.

I could brag about these sprayers all day. Did I mention the extra-large diameter siphon tube? What about the nifty filter at the end of the siphon tube designed to prevent debris from clogging the sprayer? The McKee’s 37 Chemical Resistant Sprayer has both!

The McKee’s 37 Chemical Resistant Sprayer features a high-output design that can withstand most acid-based cleaners, degreasers, and all-purpose cleaners. This high-quality sprayer fits any standard 16 or 32 oz. bottle.

Chemical Resistant Sprayer

6 Pack

McKee's 37 Chemical Resistant Sprayer, 6 Pack
Item #: MK37-CRS-6
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McKee's 37 Chemical Resistant SprayerMcKee's 37 Chemical Resistant Sprayer
Our Price:$3.99Sale Price:$2.99
McKee's 37 Chemical Resistant Sprayer, 3 PackMcKee's 37 Chemical Resistant Sprayer, 3 Pack
Our Price:$9.99Sale Price:$7.99

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McKee's 37 Chemical Resistant Sprayer, 6 Pack$14.99
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