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Clay Bars & Surface Cleaners

A high gloss finish starts with perfectly smooth paint!

Before you apply a wax or sealant, it's important to remove bonded contaminants such as environmental pollutants, tree sap, paint over spray, embedded iron particles, and more.

There are two ways to create silky smooth paint. To remove embedded iron particles (something that all cars are affected by), use our Xtreme Iron Remover. This spray on cleaner is applied during the wash process. It breaks up and dissolves ferrous (iron containing) particles that would otherwise cause long term damage. Iron particles are corrosive and they make their way onto your vehicle's surface from brake dust and rail dust. Xtreme Iron Remover can be used on paint, wheels, glass, chrome, and plastic trim.

The second way is with a clay bar or clay mitt. This method removes bonded contaminants that washing does not remove. Using a clay bar is simple: spray the lubricant onto the surface and rub the bar across the paint. At first the bar will grab - this is normal. Once the bar glides freely, the that section has been completed and the lubricant can be wiped off. Repeat this process panel by panel until the entire vehicle has been clayed. You can use a clay bar on paint, wheels, glass, and chrome.

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