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Carini Collection Ultra Wash Mitt

Carini Collection Ultra Wash Mitt

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The softest, most absorbent wash mitt carried at McKee's 37!

The Carini Collection Ultra Wash Mitt pampers your vehicle with its whopping 550 gsm design that holds mountains of soapy suds. Each fiber is gentle enough to remove dirt and grime without scratching your vehicle's paint. This is the ultimate wash mitt for the enthusiast or professional that wants to keep their vehicle looking swirl and scratch free.

Unique Two-Step 100% Polyester Pile with Optimized Ratio of Microfiber and General Fiber: 1) Short Spun Pile (White Microfiber Polyester) holds an abundant amount of wash foam and liquid, and gradually releases it onto the surface; and 2) Longer Pile (Black/Undyed White Polyester - combined with Microfiber Yarn) brushes the surface softly while effectively removing surface contamination

Denser pile and construction than traditional wash mitts using the highest-grade materials and industrial-strength seams while delivering the ultimate in comfort and performance

Twist Loop Weave - Highest Quality AA-Grade 100% Korean Split Microfiber
Material Blend: 70/30 (Polyester/Polyamide)
Material Weight: 550gsm (Grams per Square meter)

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