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FLEX Dual Action Orbital Polishers

The best dual action polisher on the market!

The FLEX XC3401, also known as the BEAST, is a smooth operating dual action polisher that features direct drive forced rotation. Compared to traditional dual action polishers that are easily bogged down by applying too much pressure to the head of the machine, the FLEX XC3401 never stops rotating, which means it does more work in less time. Besides that obvious advantage, The FLEX XC3401 features outstanding ergonomics and rugged German build quality you can count on.

The FLEX XC3401 is a purpose-built paint-polishing machine. Unlike most other random orbital polishers that start out as sanders, FLEX designed and engineered the 3401 specifically for paint polishing. The dual action (also referred to as random orbital) movement of the pad provides uniform material removal and a safety net for users of all skill levels. Even if you’re new to dual action polishers, the FLEX XC3401 is still one of the best choices thanks to its comfortable design and smooth operation.