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1 Inch Mini Hybrid Foam Pads

1 inch pads were designed for the Flex PXE80 Cordless Mini Polisher!

When all else fails, reach for your FLEX PXE80 Cordless Mini Polisher equipped with a 1 inch Hybrid Foam Pad from Lake Country Manufacturing! This combination allows you to polish small, intricate body panels with speed and precision!

Mini Hybrid Foam Pads are manufactured from the highest quality foam to ensure maximum life, even for compounding and polishing. The beveled edge provides increased versatility and safety when polishing next to raised edges. Durable hook-and-loop backing ensures a secure bond to your backing plate.

Mini Hybrid Foam Pads are available in the following colors:

Microfiber Mini Hybrid Heavy Cutting Pad is the most aggressive option in this size. The microfiber pad provides the most cut, making it ideal for heavy defect removal.

Gray Mini Hybrid Foam Heavy Cutting Pad is a firm, dense pad with an aggressive open-cell construction that makes it effective for removing swirl marks and scratches.

Orange Mini Hybrid Foam Cutting Pad provides less cut than the Gray pad, though it finishes nicer making it a popular choice for one-step compounds and polishes.

White Mini Hybrid Foam Polishing Pad features a dense foam that provides maximum control. Use the white pad for polishing, cleaner waxes, and glazes.

Black Mini Hybrid Foam Finishing Pad is the softest pad in the line, making it perfect for applying waxes, sealants, and glazes.

Red Mini Hybrid Foam Waxing Pad is just as soft as the black pad, though not as dense. This foam is also ideal for applying waxes and sealants.

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