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McKee's 37 Professional Self-Cleaning Dispenser Bottle, 3 Pack

McKee's 37 Professional Self-Cleaning Dispenser Bottle, 3 Pack

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Refill these empty bottles from gallon containers!

I buy all my McKee's 37 products by the gallon. It's not because of my employee discount, either. A gallon-sized container makes sense, because after all I'm never going to stop detailing my car! Not only is a gallon-sized refill more cost effective, it's better for the environment too because you're reducing waste! I was tired of using sub-par store-bought bottles to fill from my gallon jugs, so my team and I developed a professional-grade 16 oz. bottle with a self cleaning dispenser top. Now, I simply refill one of these nifty bottles any time I run out of product. Gloss Tire Gel? Check. Leather Conditioner? Check check! The self-cleaning dispenser enables you to apply a thin, accurate bead of your favorite product. You can thank me later.

These bottles are built to last. Not only are they considerably thicker than the junk you'll find at local home improvement warehouses, they feature the McKee's 37 logo along with a section where you can write the contents of the bottle. You'll never confuse detailing supplies with household cleaners ever again! The self-cleaning dispenser never clogs, either. Bonus!

Enjoy! - Nick Rutter

16 oz.

5 stars based on 1 reivew 
Benjamin Kennington Orlando
October 3, 2019
I would recommend to a friend
great dispenser bottles really impressed with these. The put out the perfect amount of polish or wax and do not drip. Clean up perfectly and take the abuse of slamming the nozzle closed on itself very well with no problem
Pros:measured release, easy control, no mess, easy cleaning
Cons:I wish the lid screw size were the same as the sprayer so you could interchange the lids and bottles
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